Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) Foils

MICROMATTER™ diamond-like carbon (DLC) foils are manufactured using a proprietary process. The properties of these unique carbon foils makes them useful in a variety of applications:

  • Beam strippers
  • Particle accelerator targets
  • X-ray and extreme UV filters

MICROMATTER™ DLC foils consist of homogeneously distributed carbon nano-particles, which gives them outstanding physical properties. DLC shows high electrical resistivity, remarkable hardness, and good thermal conductivity. In addition, DLC's mechanical strength makes the foils easier to handle and users are reporting that DLC foils are proving to be a superior choice in a number of applications.

Diamond-like carbon can be produced by laser plasma ablation deposition. An intense laser beam is used to evaporate carbon from a sputter target. In the process, the graphitic structure of the source material is converted into nano-particles, which deposit on prepared substrates as diamond-like carbon.

MICROMATTER™ has many years of experience in manufacturing carbon foils and we have extensive expertise in the production of stripper foils for particle accelerators (cyclotrons, linacs, van de Graaffs). Our DLC foils have also been used successfully in detector applications and as accelerator targets.

DLC on Glass

Self-supporting DLC

MICROMATTER™ DLC foils are available in a wide range of thicknesses and sizes. Thin films are generally delivered on glass substrates coated with a release agent. Foils ≥ 0.5 µm can be produced self-supporting.

MICROMATTER™ is committed to delivering the highest quality products and providing excellent customer service. Please feel free to contact us for detailed information on our products.