Handling Instructions

Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) Foils on Glass Substrates

Download a printable PDF file.

MICROMATTER™ DLC foils are shipped fully annealed.  MICROMATTER™ DLC Foils on substrates generally have a smooth surface or a very light surface pattern.

MICROMATTER™ DLC Foils can be stored at room temperature, but should not be exposed to moisture or solvent vapors.

MICROMATTER™ DLC Foils can easily be cut to size using a standard utility blade.  It is recommended to use a hardened razor type blade with a reinforced upper edge.

The slide should rest on a suitable  soft surface. Carefully place a straightedge across the foil at the desired spot and cut the film by sliding the blade across while applying some force.


Never touch the carbon film.  It may stick to your finger. Handle the substrates on the outside edges only.


Separate the foil by slowly immersing the substrate in water as shown.