Diamond-like Carbon (DLC)

MICROMATTER™ DLC foils consist of homogeneously distributed carbon nano-particles, which gives them outstanding physical properties. DLC shows high electrical resistivity, remarkable hardness, and good thermal conductivity. In addition, DLC's mechanical strength makes the foils easier to handle and users are reporting that DLC foils are proving to be a superior choice in a number of application.

XRF Calibration Standards

For over 40 years, MICROMATTER™ has earned a reputation for quality. Today, leading institutions in over 50 countries use MICROMATTER™ standards to calibrate their X-ray fluorescence (XRF) systems. MICROMATTER™ standards are most often used for instrument calibration and quality control in the fields of air pollution and thin coatings. They are also useful as a source of pure element spectra for use in background subtraction routines, and as a routine check of x-ray detector resolution and overall system performance.